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Flocked Saddles Issues and Solutions: Using a ThinLine

Written by Fred Taht, Veritas Saddles As a saddle fitter, one of the most common scenarios I encounter are flocked saddles which have compressed faster in the front – especially new or recently flocked saddles. In most saddles, the stirrup bars are attached to the tree points (right). This focuses the rider’s weight on the […]

Choosing a Western Saddle Pad

Western Pad Break Down We have a western saddle pad for you! No matter what type of riding you do. There is no real wrong choice, as long as your saddle fits on the pad.  It is the ThinLine that makes all the difference for you and your horse.  The other options such as textiles, shapes, […]

Why Saddle Fitters Recommend ThinLine

Why Saddle Fitters Recommend ThinLine Written by Terry Peiper of Fit Right Saddle Solutions in Carlisle PA. ThinLine saddle pads were first introduced to me in 2010 when I asked Susan Harris, an Anatomy in Motion Riding Instructor, for her advice on how we could prevent our lesson horses from becoming sour.  Without hesitation, she […]

Understanding Saddle Fitting – Pamela McNellis

Understanding Saddle Fitting with Pamela McNellis A variety of saddle fitting techniques are available today. The most common way to fit or assess saddle fit is by doing a wither tracing. There are many websites that show how to take a wither tracing which may potentially work for your horse yet there are some points […]

A Saddle Pad with Solutions for Swayback Horses

A Saddle Pad with Solutions for Swayback Horses Swayback can appear in horses to in a variety of degrees in horses, from a simple lack of topline to severe lordosis. Swayback is defined by the horses’ back dips in the center of the top line. It can be caused by poor saddle fit, improper training, […]