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This pad is made of high-quality lambswool fleece lining against your horse. This lining wicks moisture and adapts to temperature change, cool in the summer and warm in winter. Wool felt fill, topped with a waxed cotton based fabric that sheds water completed with shock absorbing ThinLine panels.

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These Shims are for the Endurance Dropped Rigging Saddle. Each saddle pad has a pocket beneath the Ultra ThinLine to place optional shims for fine tuning saddle fit.These shims have been carefully designed by Master Saddlers.


The Flexible Filly Open Front Boots are a lightweight and breathable design that leaves no desire unturned.  The newly modeled exterior of this boot is designed with Air Cushion Technology and Flexible Concussion Protection with an Offset Strike Guard.


The ThinLine foam warms to body temperature creating a custom fit to your horse’s legs. These boots don’t absorb water which makes them easy to clean and quick to dry.  Dirt does not stick to the ThinLine, keeping your horse free from irritations.


Solve your two pad slipping issues with this all in one saddle pad. The 3/16" Ultra Thinline provides all the shock absorption protection where you need it. Add to a heavy duty quilted cotton saddle pad, creates a breathable durable saddle pad. This is a perfect pad to hold up to everyday riding and training.

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A must have for saddle seat riders! All shimmable pads begin with a ThinLine 3/16” panel on top of the base pad. Each saddle pad has a pocket beneath the ThinLine to place optional shims for fine tuning saddle fit.