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Solve your two pad slipping issues with this all in one saddle pad. The 3/16" Thinline provides all the shock absorption protection where you need it. Add to a heavy duty quilted cotton saddle pad, creates a breathable durable saddle pad. This is a perfect pad to hold up to everyday riding and training.

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Add the best in no rub protection to any halter. The ThinLine Soft Horse Halter Padding Kit will prevent rubs while providing you with easy care.  Our ThinLine material is the best you can buy for comfort for your horse.  Unlike fleece halter covers this Padding set is made almost entirely of easy to clean [...]


Adjust saddle fit and add more protection for your horse all in one easy step. Inserts stay put without shifting and you may stack up to three sets. We do not divide the pocket, allowing you or your saddle fitter to place the inserts precisely where your horse needs it. If you find you no longer need inserts, just remove them and keep all the great benefits of your ThinLine Pad!


Prone to rubs? The ThinLine Halter Covers provide soft and comfortable padding for your horse's halter. Prevent rubs and giving extra protection for trailering or daily handling. The ThinLine material is easy to clean and is anti-microbial. Sturdy hook and loop closures keep the covers securely in place. Easily added on to any halter.  


The Flexible Filly Open Front Boots are a lightweight and breathable design that leaves no desire unturned.  The newly modeled exterior of this boot is designed with Air Cushion Technology and Flexible Concussion Protection with an Offset Strike Guard.


Trim to create a pair of Front, Bridging, and Rear Shims. Leave as a full shim. Boost your overall ThinLine protection and comfort. The most cost-effective and versatile way to shim your pad!


The ThinLine foam warms to body temperature creating a custom fit to your horse’s legs. These boots don’t absorb water which makes them easy to clean and quick to dry.  Dirt does not stick to the ThinLine, keeping your horse free from irritations.


This shim set is called E1 and includes shims for Trifecta Cotton Half Pad, Cotton Square Pads, Cotton Fitted Pads, Dressage Woven Wool Pads, Endurance Dropped Rigging Pads, Woven Wool Endurance Saddle Pad, and the Round Skirt Cotton Liner.

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