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Combine high-grade wool felt with extraordinary ThinLine for protection, add a pocket to allow shimming for saddle fit, and you have the perfect pad. A 3/16" Ultra Thinline over a 1/2" of high quality wool felt for a soft and smooth finish. Designed with a wither relief cut out and a spine-free free channel.


Created by Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship and ThinLine. Simply take your English bridle or Western headstall and turn it into a sidepull bitless bridle! Soft and supple leather with ThinLine foam padding across pressure points creates the most comfortable bitless noseband on the market.


Simply add over your existing saddle pad to provide ultimate protection for both horse and rider. With a non-slip surface between your saddle and saddle pad, it will help keep your saddle in place and provide shock absorption. These pads can be added to custom and/or well-fitting saddles without altering their fit.


ThinLine Western Cinch

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If you have a girthy or cold backed horse, you will be amazed by how this cinch instantly improves comfort. The ThinLine is so grippy, you can ride without the need for over cinching, giving your horse the comfort he needs to breathe and relax!


This Western Premium Pro-Tech Wool Pad is made with highest quality 1/2" premium virgin wool. Topped with a 3/16" Ultra ThinLine panels, it allows for maximum comfort for you and your horse. Designed with a wither relief cut out, spine-free channel and shimmable pockets to improve saddle fit. Let your horse perform to their best ability!


We guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations. A favourite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel. Rein thickness is 3/4", (foam thickness) and is suitable for those with small hands or arthritis.


The innovative ThinLine Endurance Dropped Rigging Saddle Pad offers superior support, comfort, and durability compared to other saddle pads on the market. The only pads endorsed by spinal surgeons, veterinarians, master saddlers, and are widely used by endurance and competitive trail riders all over the world. With Ultra ThinLine, you have close contact with the horse for better communication AND the ultimate in impact protection.

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The ideal pad for every saddle fitter to help their client find the perfect fit. This multi-shim package allows you to quickly accommodate for asymmetric horses and riders. This is a great pad for riders who ride multiple horses with a variety of shapes.  Easy top opening pockets allow you to make fast tack changes. For a well fitting saddle, simply shim evenly all the way around for ideal protection. The four pocket half pad comes with eight shims in total.  Two front and two rear shims in ThinLinePlus 1/4" and two front and two rear shims in Ultra ThinLine 3/16".


The Basic Standard Trimmed ThinLine Pad will lie discreetly directly under your saddle while providing a non-slip surface. They will not allow a build up of heat under your tack as due to their open cell technology they are 100% breathable. These pads are durable and have a lifespan of 7-10 years and require no maintenance.