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Top quality European leather, brass buckles, and ThinLine protective lining on the inside. The ThinLine lining molds to your horse's tendons when warmed to body temperature for a custom-like fit, yet remains completely breathable to keep their tendons cool.


ThinLine shock absorption benefits the hoof too. These pads can be placed inside hoof boots for extra cushioning and support. These pads help to relieve symptoms of arthritic joint and many other hoof diseases. An excellent product for horses with suffering from Navicular and Laminitis.


These new lined reins have the ThinLine padding along the inside of the rein, leaving a flat classic leather look on the outside. Perfect for in the show ring.


The Offset strike guard design is made of a stiff TPU material to spread out impact forces. The raised shape is designed to flex slightly during impact to help dampen and reduce impact force


Prone to rubs? The ThinLine Halter Covers provide soft and comfortable padding for your horse's halter. Prevent rubs and giving extra protection for trailering or daily handling. The ThinLine material is easy to clean and is anti-microbial. Sturdy hook and loop closures keep the covers securely in place. Easily added on to any halter.  


The Flexible Filly Open Front Boots are a lightweight and breathable design that leaves no desire unturned.  The newly modeled exterior of this boot is designed with Air Cushion Technology and Flexible Concussion Protection with an Offset Strike Guard.


The ThinLine foam warms to body temperature creating a custom fit to your horse’s legs. These boots don’t absorb water which makes them easy to clean and quick to dry.  Dirt does not stick to the ThinLine, keeping your horse free from irritations.