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New design for the fall of 2019! Give your horse sheepskin comfort with this half pad. Combining the benefit of a 3/16″ ThinLine over a high-quality quilted cotton half pad with luxurious merino wool sheepskin fully underneath. An excellent pad for horse’s that need a little bit more from their half pad than a Basic ThinLine Pad.


Solve your two pad slipping issues with this all in one saddle pad. The 3/16" Ultra Thinline provides all the shock absorption protection where you need it. Add to a heavy duty quilted cotton saddle pad, creates a breathable durable saddle pad. This is a perfect pad to hold up to everyday riding and training.


Trim to create a pair of Front, Bridging, and Rear Shims. Leave as a full shim. Boost your overall ThinLine protection and comfort. The most cost-effective and versatile way to shim your pad!

English Pads