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Choosing a Western Saddle Pad

Western Pad Break Down We have a western saddle pad for you! No matter what type of riding you do. There is no real wrong choice, as long as your saddle fits on the pad.  It is the ThinLine that makes all the difference for you and your horse.  The other options such as textiles, shapes, […]

Riding’s Effect on the Back – Lynda Bloom Layne

Riding’s Effects on the Back Western Horseman,  – Article by Lynda Bloom Layne  Article Republished by ThinLine with permission from Western Horseman Back pain in horseback riders is nothing new, “it’s been a problem for at least 3,000 years,” say James Warson, M.D. The horseman and now-retired physician spent 20 years as a neurosurgeon and […]