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How to Choose the Right Bell Boots for your Horse

How to Choose the Right Bell Boots for your Horse Bell boots for horses, also called overreach boots, are one of the most common, and easiest to use forms of protection for your horse’s legs and hooves. They cover a horse’s feet from above the coronary band down to the below the heel and provide […]

Bell Boots Redesigned

A New Design on the Standard Bell Boot Did you know? More than a quarter of a million horses require bell boots for turnout.  They last, on average, fewer than 100 days. Bell boot failure points are generally: 1) The Stitching 2) The Velcro 3) The Soft Rubber  The GatorzBoots are a redesigned to protect horses, the […]

ThinLine Introduces a Revolutionary New Design for Bell Boots

Tired of Replacing Bell Boots? “The Velcro always tears or the plastic does. So, I end up buying new ones every few weeks.” – Hannah  “Pull-on boots don’t fit my boy right, and with the Velcro ones, the Velcro falls off too quickly.” – Trysha “I HATE pull on boots; they seem to leave rubs […]