Cleaning Your ThinLine Tack

ThinLine Tack is extremely easy to take care of. We do strongly recommend using our all-natural ThinLine Cleaners when wiping down and cleaning your ThinLine Tack. It works great for our reins, boots, girths and more. Using baby wipes or a little simple dish soap works well for quick cleans up too.

To ensure the longevity of your ThinLine Tack. It is important to keep it away from chemicals such as Show Sheen, Fly Sprays, Leather Oils, etc. This can cause the ThinLine foam to harden. Be certain to clean thoroughly if they come in contact. If you are conditioning a leather portion of ThinLine Tack, we recommend using a paste-like style to control the application.

Cotton Saddle Pad Care

Machine wash cold in front loading washer. Turn the ThinLine to the inside if using a washer with an agitator. Spin to remove excess water. Hang to dry naturally with no heat source, including the sun. Using a fan speeds the drying process.
If you have a white pad, you may use bleach products such as Soft Scrub on the ThinLine material as well as using a little bleach in the wash cycle.

All pads come with a one-year full replacement warranty when following our care instructions. When care instructions are followed, our cotton pads are proving to have an expected longevity of 7-8 years.

Sheepskin Care Instructions

ThinLine Sheepskin products are made with 100% medical grade merino wool on a real (non-synthetic) hide. For maintenance, we recommend brushing the sheepskin often to keep it fluffy. When not in use, we recommend to stored ThinLine Panels down, leaving the sheepskin side up.

We recommend Eucalan sheepskin wash. Use cold water and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Use spin cycle in washer or squeeze by hand. Allow drying naturally. No heat source: no sun or dryers. Move and stretch the leather as it dries. To speed up the drying process, you can place paper towels or Sham Wow towels in the shim pocket of the ThinLine Ultra Panel. Don’t pull on the fibers until dry. Your pad will arrive with a free single-use pod of Eucalan and comes with a year warranty if care instructions are followed.  Please do not use MELP on our saddle pads

When the care instructions are followed properly, our sheepskin pads are proving to have an expected 4-5 years of use.

Synthetic Sheepskin Care

One of the great features of selecting synthetic fleece against your horse; you have incredible softness without the high maintenance of real sheepskin. Feel free to put hours in the saddle with this pad, get sweaty and work hard!

This pad may be a bit large for your home washing machine, but it is machine washable with cold water. We recommend using Eucalan Sheepskin Wash for best results. To keep your pad looking its best brush off it off daily. A simple hosing will do as well.


Wool/Felt Saddle Pad Care

Our saddle pads have a high percentage of wool content. To avoid shrinkage, do not use hot water to clean, or heat to dry. Occasionally brush your pad with a curry brush. This will dislodge hair, dirt, and sweat to prolong the usefulness of your pad. Grooming Stones, such as Slick’N’Easy also work well for cleaning the underside of your saddle pad.

Wool pads can be washed by scrubbing the dirty spots with a cloth or sponge, using cold water and a small amount of mild liquid wool-washing soap. Hose all the soap off with clean water and allow the pad to air dry in a well-ventilated area. As you’re hosing, be sure to direct the spay from the centre outward toward the edges, so that dirt, sweat, and hair is moved off of the pad and instead of being pushed into the pad.


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