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A full panel of true merino sheepskin on the underside of all ThinLine Sheepskin Western saddle pads will allow your horse to be completely comfortable while working. These pads are ideal for horses with sensitive skin who are prone to rubs from their tack.


For detailed western saddle fit. These shims are all square skirt Western Saddle Pads.  All shimmable pads begin with a ThinLine 3/16” panel over top of the base pad. Each saddle pad has a pocket beneath the ThinLine panel to place optional shims for fine tuning saddle fit.


You will see and feel an increased performance in how horses lift their backs with this Western sheepskin saddle pad. ThinLine gives you an amazing seat and super shock absorption without losing the feel. Riders will sit closer, quieter, and horses will move with a much more relaxed back. Breathable ThinLine technology helps to keep this comfort saddle [...]