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Does your body not feel like it uses to? Don’t let it slow you down. Where you deal with Back Pain, Knee Pain, or even Hand Pain. ThinLine has tack to bring riders comfort as well as horses!

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Preferred by both horses and riders. This non-slip, breathable, shock absorbing ThinLine coupled with the great suede look and the waffle weave backing keeps you stable and happy.  With extraordinary shock absorption for riders and horses there will be no sore backs after time spent together.

ThinLine Seat Saver


Experience the ThinLine magic for yourself! Provides exceptional comfort for riders spending many hours in the saddle. You will find yourself sitting closer and quieter, giving you more time to adjust your aids. Seat Savers are the thinnest of all ThinLine products, you will forget it is there until you take it off.


We guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations. A favourite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel. Rein thickness is 3/4", (foam thickness) and is suitable for those with small hands or arthritis.


Designed by a surgeon and avid rider taking advantage of the ThinLine sock absorbing abilities for rider comfort. Use the enclosed wedges for the relief of uncomfortable knee and ankle angles induced by stirrup position or just ride the wrap alone.


ThinLine Comfort All Day Long for you! Ever wondered why your horse loves his ThinLine so much? Want to test a ThinLine product before purchasing a saddle pad? Treat yourself to some ThinLine comfort with our ThinLine Shoe Insoles. Made of our great ThinLine material but at a fraction of the thickness, making it easy to imagine [...]


These new lined reins have the ThinLine padding along the inside of the rein, leaving a flat classic leather look on the outside. Perfect for in the show ring.


Comfortable Reins for All Riders New of the Fall 2019. Just over 8′ of braided cotton rope reins wrapped in 31″ of incredible ThinLine comfort. The ThinLine material gives a non-slip feel. Complete with stainless steel scissor snaps on both sizes.


We designed this horse yoga mat for you with all the benefits of ThinLine.

From Equestrians to Yogis: The most comfortable mat for sitting, sleeping and even Yoga!

Exceptional cushion for hips and knees during floor poses. Non-Slip material to keep you centered, providing no tension grip. Antimicrobial Additive prevents mold and mildew. Dimensions: 66cmX180cm (26″x71″)  4.7 mm of ThinLine Weight: 5.5Lb (2.4kg)


Want to give a ThinLine Pad a try before committing? Give us a call at 250-941-8446 or send us an email to  and let us help you find one of our trial pads that might work best for you!