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Allow your horse to stride in complete comfort. ThinLine girths and cinches are all completely breathable, non-slip, anti-fungal and will not rub your horse.


ThinLine Tack cleaners are recommended for all ThinLine foam and leather goods. It's also great for cleaning just about everything else! This all-natural, thoughtfully designed wash removes all organic matter, dirt, manure stains, you name it. Safe for all humans and animals, large and small.


ThinLine Western Cinch

$169.95 $99.95

If you have a girthy or cold backed horse, you will be amazed by how this cinch instantly improves comfort. The ThinLine is so grippy, you can ride without the need for over cinching, giving your horse the comfort he needs to breathe and relax!


If your horse could pick a girth this would be it!. The anatomic design, coupled with ThinLine gives your horse confidence and freedom in the shoulders.  The ThinLine on this girth is anti-fungal, non-slip, breathable, and most importantly comfortable.


Contoured design for the perfect fit and maximum comfort for your horse. High-quality European leather on the outside for a great show ring look. Against the horse, ThinLine lining for unbeatable cushion and comfort. Breathable, anti-microbial, and no-slip/no-rub for better skin health.


If you are seeking the best in performance and comfort, with the easiest care, then you have found your favorite girth. Soft, moldable, non-slip ThinLine provides a custom fit and the ultimate comfort for your horse.


European Leather and craftsmanship combine for one of the loveliest, most functional girths that we make. Non-slip, no rub, breathable and anti-microbial all in one!  No need for sheepskin as this girth provided a breathable softness that evenly distributes pressure. Plus it is easy to clean!