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Look sharp in the show ring with beautiful ThinLine sheepskin saddle pads. These saddle pads are perfect for horses with sensitive skin as they are all made using real merino sheepskin.


The look of a sheepskin pad without the extra bulk. Made with 3/16" Ultra ThinLine over a high quality quilted cotton base pad and trimmed with luxurious sheepskin. Creating a contoured wither profile and spine free channel. This design allows the pad to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place, allowing the horse to work effectively through their back. Delivering the maximum in shock absorbancy in the minimum thickness. Add this pad under your well-fitting saddle for maximum comfort for both horse and rider.  


Combining the benefit of a 3-16" Ultra ThinLine over a high-quality quilted cotton half pad with luxurious merino wool sheepskin fully underneath. An excellent pad for horse's that need a little bit more from their half pad than a Basic ThinLine Pad. This pad has pockets to allow for shims to help create the ideal saddle fit. Take advantage of the Front, Bridging or Rear shim for when riding multiple horses, developing horses or while saddle shopping.

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The ideal pad for every saddle fitter to help their client find the perfect fit. This multi-shim package allows you to quickly accommodate for asymmetric horses and riders. This is a great pad for riders who ride multiple horses with a variety of shapes.  Easy top opening pockets allow you to make fast tack changes. For a well fitting saddle, simply shim evenly all the way around for ideal protection. The four pocket half pad comes with eight shims in total.  Two front and two rear shims in ThinLinePlus 1/4" and two front and two rear shims in Ultra ThinLine 3/16".


Allow your horse to perform their best with the ThinLine Sheepskin Square Cotton Dressage Pad. This beautiful pad is designed with a 3/16" Ultra ThinLine over a high-quality diamond quilted cotton square pad with luxurious merino wool sheepskin under the panels. Complete with a sheepskin front roll to create the ultimate dressage look.