We are looking for good reliable equestrians who love the ThinLine brand! If you wish to join our team as an ambassador, we have different levels available. They are detailed below with what we would require from you. Should you be interested, please return the completed and signed application form. We look forward to working with you.


Why are we doing all this?

We have always believed that horse tack should be researched and tested to avoid any pain for horses; we will keep fighting for that cause.  That’s why we are here!

ThinLine is a revolutionary, shock-absorbing, breathable, anti-microbial material that is the foundation of our entire collection. ThinLine is the only saddle pad that is endorsed by spinal surgeons and recommended by veterinarians, chiropractors, saddle fitters and massage therapist.  Riders and horses benefit from the open-cell technology that transfers recoil off the horse’ back and moves it laterally rather than directly up into the rider’s spine.

Please look over the below Ambassador levels and choose what you think would be the best fit for you, your horse, and your abilities. Read our rules carefully when considering becoming a ThinLine Rider. We are a company with high values and are looking for like-minded individuals to represent us. Lastly, complete our application and return it to us.

Social Media Ambassador Levels

  • Novice Level: 500 followers
  • Intermediate Level: 2,000 followers
  • Advanced Level: 10,000 followers


Are you a professional rider? Ask us about our sponsorship program.


Guidelines for ThinLine Riders:

  • ThinLine reserves the right to terminate the partnership at any time.
  • You agree to maintain a social media presence that reflects good values and the highest level of standards in your personal postings for the duration of sponsorship by ThinLine.*abstaining from vulgarity, nudity, and over the top profanity.
  • Must have a public social media account, for example, a public Instagram profile, a Facebook Business Page, YouTube account and/or a website.
  • You agree to the requirements of your chosen ambassador level for the predetermined amount of time. *You agree to notify us as soon as possible if you are unable to fulfill a duty or requirement.
  • ThinLine will not purchase usage rights from photographers or videographers for photos or video’s unless a prior agreement has been made, this is the responsibility of the Ambassador Rider.
  • Ambassadors/Sponsored Riders agree ThinLine can use all ThinLine related posts, photos, or videos in any of our public forums, social media platforms, on our website, or in our advertisement.
  • Sponsorships are valid for one year unless other agreements have been worked out.
  • Ambassadors/Sponsored Riders must be at least 18 years old.
  • Ambassadors/Sponsored Riders must live in and represent Canada in competitions.



Social Media Ambassador Program

Do you love ThinLine Tack? We want to grow our family of Social Media Ambassadors.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Do you own or lease your own horse? Do you compete? How long have you been riding? What style of riding do you do?
  • Tell us why you want to join the ThinLine Canada family.
  • Tell us about your favorite product for ThinLine.
  • Let us know how to find you! Please make sure they are public.