Equine Chiropractic Care: Good for All Ages

  Written by Dr. Lisa Frederico One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic care for horses is that it’s only for use when there is an injury or discomfort. Actually, spinal manipulative therapy (VSMT) care is most effective when it is used as part of an overall wellness program from the early years through […]

Rider Health Tips: Preventing Hidden Spine Concussion

Rider Health Tips: Preventing Hidden Spine Concussion ThinLine is creating products that promote healthy backs for horses and riders. When we think of horseback rider injuries, we typically think of a fall or some other traumatic event. What we often don’t think about is the concussive damage that riding can produce to the rider’s spine. […]

Why Saddle Fitters Recommend ThinLine

Why Saddle Fitters Recommend ThinLine Written by Terry Peiper of Fit Right Saddle Solutions in Carlisle PA. ThinLine saddle pads were first introduced to me in 2010 when I asked Susan Harris, an Anatomy in Motion Riding Instructor, for her advice on how we could prevent our lesson horses from becoming sour.  Without hesitation, she […]

Kissing Spine In Horses from a Veterinarian’s View Point

Horse with Kissing Spine

Kissing Spine In Horses from a Veterinarian’s View Point By Dr. Randy Frantz of Burlington Equine Veterinary Sevices, LLC. Dorsal Spinous Process (DSP) impingement or “Kissing Spine” is a condition recognized as a significant issue for horses. What constitutes the problem is debatable and how to make a conclusive diagnosis can be an elusive process. […]

How to Choose the Right Bell Boots for your Horse

How to Choose the Right Bell Boots for your Horse Bell boots for horses, also called overreach boots, are one of the most common, and easiest to use forms of protection for your horse’s legs and hooves. They cover a horse’s feet from above the coronary band down to the below the heel and provide […]

ThinLine Introduces a Revolutionary New Design for Bell Boots

Tired of Replacing Bell Boots? “The Velcro always tears or the plastic does. So, I end up buying new ones every few weeks.” – Hannah  “Pull-on boots don’t fit my boy right, and with the Velcro ones, the Velcro falls off too quickly.” – Trysha “I HATE pull on boots; they seem to leave rubs […]

ThinLine Bareback Saddle Pad Review – Therapeutic Riding Center

My name is Heather Burdette and I am the founder of Prevailing Moxie Therapeutic Riding Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit located in Sunbury, Ohio. We opened our doors in March 2011 and have used ThinLine pads from day one. Our students at the center include one with cerebral palsy whose hips cause her excruciating pain in […]

ThinLine Sheepskin Endurance Saddle Pad Review – Sara Borkosky

A renewed passion lead to the search for an endurance saddle pad. It was in my fourth year of medical school when I finally found myself in the position to once again follow my passion. I acquired a neglected, underweight and mentally shut down 11-year-old Arab/Quarter Horse mare named Gem in 2009. After slowly working with her, trying […]

Understanding Saddle Fitting – Pamela McNellis

Understanding Saddle Fitting with Pamela McNellis A variety of saddle fitting techniques are available today. The most common way to fit or assess saddle fit is by doing a wither tracing. There are many websites that show how to take a wither tracing which may potentially work for your horse yet there are some points […]