Who is ThinLine for?

ThinLine is for all equestrian who want to make a conscious effort to do better for their horse and for their riding. No matter your level of riding, or what type of saddle you sit in, ThinLine will benefit both horse and rider with it’s unmatched shock absorbing ability. ThinLine distributes impact, weight, and heat so your horse will become more comfortable during work. Add ThinLine’s anti-slip abilities (found on all products), and you will see your horse develop confidence and balance.  All horses lift their backs more in a ThinLine, resulting in fitness, better engagement, and suppleness.

Professionals love ThinLine as protection and comfort are key for performance.  Even the best riders know there is always room to get closer to perfection. If your seat could be quieter, why not? Ultra ThinLine stabilizes the rider; creating quieter seats leading to better communication and improved harmony.  Because ThinLine absorbs impact by dispersing it laterally, along the pad, riders are able to sit with little to no bounce. When horses are happy and feeling better, they perform better. Top riders spend a lot of time in their tack. Protecting riders backs is

equally important for a long and successful careers.

Photo: JJ Sillman

Saddle Fitters recommend ThinLine Pads for their clients to help with developing horses and improving saddle fit.  Horses backs change over time as they grow, develop and age. ThinLine has worked with Master Saddlers to develop the perfect shim, cut with a bevel to ensure there are no pressure points and designed to fit each pad we sell. The shimmable features in both English and Western saddle pads help fitters work around the horse’s dynamic shape. Shims are also used to create a fitted pad if riders use the same saddle on multiple horses.

Intermediate Riders and Adult Amatures are all about enjoying their horses. Riders who are all interested in riding better, and are always searching to discover ways for horses to perform better. Let’s face it, it’s fun to win. Investing in a ThinLine basic pad is a great step to improving both your riding and your horses’ way of going.

Beginner Riders and School Horses appreciate the shock absorption for riders learning how to post. Using ThinLine for your school horses protects their backs allowing horses to remain sounder longer and giving students the opportunity feel a correctly lifted back. For the students, ThinLine will accelerate the learning curve. Riders will be able to sit the gaits faster and create a bond with their horse. When it is just about being with your horse, keep him comfortable and he will return the favor.

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