The ThinLine Ride

ThinLine or ThinLine+?  Technology aside, what are the differences in feel for the horse and rider?

ThinLine saddle pads are designed to protect both horse and rider backs by eliciting a soft, quiet, elastic connection. Riding for a lifetime can take its toll on a riders spine.  ThinLine can drastically improve the health of the rider’s spine over time.  Riders who choose ThinLine are spending many hours in full contact with their seats and they need a shock absorber to stay healthy.  Horses backs benefit from quieter riders.

The main difference between the ThinLine and the ThinLine is the thickness of this incredible material. ThinLine is endorsed by spinal surgeons for riders. ThinLine+ is endorsed by Veterinarians as a preventative care product and is often “prescribed” for many back soreness issues including Kissing Spine Disease.

ThinLine Ultra vs ThinLine Plus
ThinLine (White)  vs ThinLine+ (Black)


For the minimum distance between horse and rider, allowing maximum communication and feel there is the ThinLine. At 3/16″ thickness, this ThinLine pad will not alter saddle fit or provide excess bulk under your saddle. This is the base thickness that we add on too all of our saddle pads. When we add the ThinLine panels on to our base cotton or wool saddle pads, we always keep an easy access pocket. This pocket allows for easy placement of shims depending on your horse’s needs.


Horse and riders that frequently do high-impact work will benefit from the extra thickness of the ThinLine+. Measuring at 1/4″, the ThinLine+ is the maximum protection for both horse and rider. It is ideal for lesson horses to keep them comfortable and sounder longer.  You can take any ThinLine Saddle Pad and bring it up to the ThinLine+ protection with the Booster Shim. This full-length shim will bring the original ThinLine to the ThinLine Plus even protection.

You can also purchase a ThinLine+ Basic Pad in both English or Western style. The Basic Pads are a simple add-on to your present tack set-up as it can be placed on top of any other saddle pad.