ThinLine gives you a quieter, closer connection with your horse. Holistic health benefits coupled with comfort ensure you and your horse will be the best you can be.

Vended by most Master Saddlers in the USA, ThinLine is the first choice of riders both with and without custom saddles.

How does ThinLine work?

Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel. Another layer is poured on top and polarized in a new direction, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honeycomb matrix allowing impact and heat to move laterally like rings of water when you throw a stone into a quiet pond. So impact and pressure are dissipated across ThinLine! Read more about ThinLine Technology here. 


Are ThinLine saddle pads breathable? 

YES! ThinLine pads are made of an open cell foam that is breathable. While the material may look like a solid piece of foam, it is comprised of millions of little open cells so that air can pass through. This applies in our saddle pads, girths, boots and more!


What are the intended effects of a ThinLine pad?

To provide both horse and rider with shock absorption so riders sit closer and quieter producing greater harmony between horse and rider. The Shim system is an excellent way to improve saddle fit. ThinLine pads provide a thin yet stable non-slip component improving the horses’ sense of balance and confidence.


I have a custom saddle. Will a ThinLine pad alter the fit?

No! We recommend only using the Thinline Ultra Thickness (3/16″) for custom/well fitting saddles.


Is ThinLine just a fad?

The first ThinLine pad appeared on the market in the early 90’s.  After more than 20 years we still speak to people who have and use their original pad.  ThinLine is a small USA company and our products are quietly placed beneath a saddle where it is not noticed by anyone except the horse and rider.  Customer loyalty is strong, once riders own a ThinLine they rarely ride without one.  Western pads were designed in 2012 so they are new to the western market.  Check the dressage and eventing forums and barns. You will hear a great deal about how ThinLine has changed the lives of horses and riders.


What makes ThinLine so different?

ThinLine saddle pads are made with a shock-absorbing, breathable foam that molds to the horse, creates better saddle fit, and enhances riding. ThinLine creates harmony between rider and horse. It is easy to care for and has impressive longevity. ThinLine products have a money back guarantee that you and your horse will see improved performance and communication. ThinLine makes both rider and horse more comfortable resulting in greater happiness and better performance. 


What are the advantages of ThinLine over other saddle pads/blankets?

Simple saddle pads are designed to keep the saddle clean and provide a bit of fashion.  Other shock absorbing products work on a compression basis: when you apply weight or pressure they compress and at that moment they are not functional. As the weight is relieved non-compression foams release, or spring open. In the case of riding this effect actually moves the rider further from the horse.  Gel moves away from pressure points, generates heat and shifts a great deal, reducing the stability and sense of security for both horse and rider.

ThinLine works when under the weight of a rider or saddle. Does not move and greatly reduces the feel of sudden impact allowing you to whisper to your horse with your seat.





What are “shims” and do I need them?

If you need to adjust the fit of your saddle use our Shims  (Inserts). These are made of ThinLine material and are placed in the pocket under the Ultra ThinLine on all shimmable pads. Shims are most beneficial for saddles which are too wide or for asymmetric, or swaybacked horses. They are also helpful if you are riding multiple horses in one saddle. Shims cannot help fit a saddle that is too narrow. 

This is why it is best to work with a qualified saddle fitter to determine if you need shims, and if you do, which ones you need. You can read more about Saddle Fit Solutions


Will the same shims fit all of the ThinLine pads?

No, each pad will have differently shaped panel. Make sure you have the matching shims for your pad.  


My ThinLine pad is a little too big for my saddle, can I cut it down?

If it is a basic pad (made of just the ThinLine foam), then the answer is yes! Use a utility knife (box cutter) or a sturdy pair of scissors. Make rounded cuts. No “V” shapes- they will tear. Keep in mind, we do not warranty pads that have been modified if they tear at a point caused by cutting.




How do I know if I am putting my ThinLine pad on correctly?

The ThinLine logo can help you tell you are putting your pad on correctly. The logo is placed on the “left shoulder” of every pad, so your pad should be placed so that the logo is also on the “left shoulder” area of the horse.



Will I hurt my horse if I use my basic ThinLine pad directly on my horse’s back?

No, you won’t hurt your horse, but the longevity of your basic pad could be compromised. We recommend using a simple cotton saddle pad underneath of a basic ThinLine pad. When used properly most riders see close to a decade of use out of a ThinLine pad.  Just be sure not to pull the pad up at the wither into the gullet of the saddle.  Though you may see it sit on the wither it will not cause a pressure point.


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3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Tack Questions

  1. Donna says:

    I have recently heard don’t overpad your horse. Saying 1/2 is thick enough. Thoughts? Also both of my saddles, one a custom built when 13 year old horse was 4 and the other a trail riding Tucker, leave very dark pressure points on my horses back. (Lumbar region I believe). Will your sheep skin pad help? I am told shims will not fix this problem. Also he acts very uncomfortable when I ride him.

    • thinlinecanada says:

      Hello Donna,
      A good saddle pad will help to distribute the pressure of your saddle. Anywhere between 1/2″ to 3/4″ will be good for a well-fitting saddle. It also depends on the material of the saddle pad on if it will compress over time. By dark pressure points do you mean sweat marks? If your saddle is putting pressure past the last rib on the lumbar region, I would be more inclined to say the saddle doesn’t fit. I would recommend double checking with a saddle fitter to double check. Poor saddle fit may lead to him acting uncomfortable under saddle. It also never hurts to have a vet and/or massage therapist or chiropractor give them a check too. A ThinLine Sheepskin Western Pad will help disperse the impact and weight over your horse’s back and is always a good option.

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