Review of the Flexible Filly Sport Boots from Adele Wong

“The new ThinLine Flexible Sport Boot is one of my favourite boots that I’ve ever put on my horse! They’re incredibly light, flexible, and breathable, while still being protective! I live in British Columbia, where a majority of our rides borderline water complex schooling, and these boots have never absorbed water or gotten heavier during the ride.

I’ve also found the straps on them to be super sticky which works great for keeping them on and preventing them from sliding at all! In addition, I’m a bit OCD and tend to get upset when new boots get their first few scratches on them, but I’ve had these boots for several months now and the few scratches they have are hardly visible!!

Absolutely one of my favourite boots and I’m so excited for them to officially be out and ready to order! Time to get a pair of fronts for my spoiled ponies! ” – Adele Wong

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