Brand Ambassador: Adele Wong

Adele Wong

One to watch in the eventing field!

Adele Wong has been riding for over 13 years. She started riding lessons at the age of 7 in Singapore. At the age of 10, Adele and her family moved to Canada. She then started competing in eventing a year later with her first horse Ziggy.

Adele is currently riding her 11-year-old mare, Raffetouille, also known as Raffey. She is a flashy Thorougbred/Percheron/Paint bay mare with a big white blaze and four white socks. Adele describes Raffetouille as a horse that “has an ego the size of Manhattan and the attitude of a princess.” Even though their relationship had a rocky start, Adele now says “no matter how excited and spunky she is, I can always trust her to take good care of me”.

Adele Wong and Raffetouille competing at Galway Down 1*
Adele Wong and Raffetouille competing at Galway Down 1* Photo Credits to Captured Moments Photography

Adele and Raffetouille’s personality match their discipline of choice, eventing. They both love the adrenaline rush! Working as a team, Adele and Raffetouille have been able to learn from some of the great names in the sport including; Lucinda Green, Karen O’Connor, Hawley Bennet, Robin Hahn, Chelan Kozak and Ingrid Klimke.

One of Adele’s favorite pieces of advice is from Karen O’Conner “Horses get good at what they practice”. She uses this as motivation to always practice on what is hard, because one day it won’t be hard anymore.  They plan on taking 2019 by storm, entering the year at the prelim/CC12* level and finishing at the Intermediate level. For those interested, Preliminary has jumps up to 3’7” and Intermediate has jump heights up to 3’9”!

Adele Wong and Raffetouille at Rebecca Farms in 2018

One of Adele’s favorite pieces of tack includes the ThinLine Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls. Before she added ThinLine pads to her daily tack set up, Raffey often suffered from a bit of a sore back. After only a week after the purchase of her first ThinLine pad, their massage therapist commented on how much better her back was feeling and hasn’t had any problems since. Adele finds herself experiences significantly less impact when jumping and riding.

You can follow Adele and Raffetouille on Instagram at @Eventing_raffetouille and check out her website at

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