How to make your bridle a bitless bridle

Ever want to try bitless with your horse? Bitless can be an excellent option for some horses. It is great for young horses anywhere from starting or when they are teething. It can also be a nice option for lesson horses, to help keep their mouths soft. Even for the broke horse, it can just be a nice break from the traditional work out.

The ThinLine Bitless Noseband is an excellent option for someone wanting to go bitless. It is easily added on to your existing bridle or headstall. The soft ThinLine padding around the nose creates a comfortable sidepull for both you and your horse. In Black or Brown. Now in Cob and Horse sizes.

Join Lindsay Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship as she takes you in a more detailed look of this Bitless Bridle. She even helped to create it! Do you ride your horse bitless? Let us know in the comments below!

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