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TREE POINTS: The 5 Characteristics

This article is from our friends at US Saddle Fitting. We highly recommend giving her a follow on Facebook!  A recent FB post on my personal page of the below drawings revealed that most people did NOT see what was intended (a naked saddle tree), but saw… other naked objects. (I don’t profess to be an […]

A Moment with Lindsey Partidge

Lindsey Partridge

Take a moment with Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship as she reviews some of her top picks of Thinline tack. Lindsey has achevied some amazing titles in her time with horses: Equine Canada Rider Level 8 (English) and Level 4 (Western) Certified Coach of Ontario President of the Natural Horsemanship Association 2016 Thoroughbred Makeover Trail […]

The Truth Tack Review: Western Cotton Saddle Pads

Western Cotton Liners

With so many options out on the markets, it can be overwhelming. Our end goal is for happy healthy horses (and riders!). We find the best way to help us achieve that goal is to educate our customers, but it is important to not just take our word for it. Check out some of this […]

The Saddle Pad Science


Written by Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA  Originally posted on Researchers are learning how different pads stack up for keeping our horses happy and healthy under saddle. Saddle pads are one of the most fashionable pieces of equipment we put on our horses, but they also serve an important biomechanical purpose. These fabricated foundations can keep our horses comfortable, […]

The Truth Tack Review: How to Pick the Best Saddle Pad

We all want what is best for our horse, no matter what type of saddle that we ride in. As we are riders and horse owners ourselves, we stand behind all of our products. But don’t just take our word for it, we always recommend doing your own research. Jen from The Truth Tack Review […]

A moment with Dr. Fernando Cardenas


Hear from FEI international treating veterinary certified Dr. Fernando Cardenas, as he talks about the difference that ThinLine makes horse his horses. ThinLine is a company composed of a team of riders dedicated to horses. ThinLine foam is made in its trademarked open cell technology which includes a honeycomb construction matrix invisible to the naked […]

The Truth Tack Review: Comfort Sheepskin Half Pad

Don’t just take our word for it, ThinLine saddle pads are one of the top recommends pads by a variety of people in the business. Check out this review from, The Truth Tack Review, on YouTube. Jen is an equine equipment designer who specializes in integrated top performance textiles into equine products. This pad was […]