Choosing a Western Saddle Pad

Western Pad Break Down

We have a western saddle pad for you! No matter what type of riding you do. There is no real wrong choice, as long as your saddle fits on the pad.  It is the ThinLine that makes all the difference for you and your horse.  The other options such as textiles, shapes, and colors are just variations to suit your llifestyle. All pads create the extraordinary comfort and increase performance for both horse and rider.


If you are looking for a soft, breathable, form-fitting saddle pad. We recommend the Premium Pro-Tect Wool Felt Pad. Made with high content virgin wool, you can feel the quality as soon as you touch it. These pads are perfect for any style of riding.

For riders looking for an extremely durable pad for long hours in the saddle, look no further than the Contoured Western Ranch Pad. With the tough Codura Canvas cover, this is the pad for riding in the bush with.

Horses with sensitive skin will love the Merino Sheepskin lining of the Western Merino Sheepskin Pad. With a full underlay panel of soft merino wool, this is perfect for horses who are prone to rubs from saddle blankets.

The Western Merino Sheepskin Pad, Western Cotton Liner, Western Felt LinerContoured Western Ranch Pad and the Endurance & Dropped Rigging Pad all have a 4- 1/2″ contoured wither profile. We know that finding contoured western pads can be tricky as manufacturers actually throw away the 4 1/2″ inches of all the material behind the wither.  But we know this greatly improves fit and comfort for the horse.  The pad will nestle nicely along their back and the wither will be free of pressure.

In comparison, the Pro-Tect Saddle Pads are designed with keyhole wither relief. This cut on the wool felt pads allows them to lie balanced over the horse’s spine. The top line of this pad is designed for mutton withered horses. It isn’t the cut we would recommend for high-withered horses. The Pro-Tect style is available in a synthetic blend in brown or a full wool version in grey.

You will notice that our pads only go up to a 1/2″ thickness of wool. When you add the amazing shock absorption of Ultra ThinLine, you do not need thick saddle pads.


Our pads are designed to fit a wide range of saddles. From Australian to Treeless to Barrel to Roping saddles, we have a pad that will work!

With most of our pads coming in three sizes, Large, Medium and Small. The Larges have a length of 32″, compared to the Mediums which have a length of 28″. Perfect for short backed horses! If you are looking for a rounded skirt, we have that too! The Small size works well for barrel or endurance saddles.



One of the great features of our western pad line up is the shims. There are not many western saddle pads on the market that provide the slight saddle fit changes that are avaliable with ThinLine.   The shims are made with the same shock-absorbing, breathable material as our ThinLine panels on your pad. Talk about comfort!  Shims come in Front, Bridging (center) and rear in two thicknesses. you choose between Ultra ThinLine (the thinnest 3/16″) and ThinLine Plus (the thickest 1/4″).  Plus they won’t move once inserted. You may stack up to 3 sets in one area if you need more lift.  The full ThinLine Plus Booster shim is also available for every pad. Learn more about the ThinLine Thickness on our the ThinLine Ride article.


Your lifestyle will play a major roll in which saddle pad you select for your horse.

Machine wash, quick dry: Cotton Liners

Machine wash, hang to dry 2-3 days: Full Sheepskin Western, Endurance Western Dropped Rigging,  and Contour Ranch Pads. *Note: When cleaning your sheepskin pad we recommend the Euculan*

Hose wash with Ezall, hang dry – Felt; Pro-Tech, Diamond Line, Felt Liner.



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