Boost your Riding with ThinLine

 Boost your pad up to ThinLinePlus!

Have a favourite shimmable Ultra ThinLine pad?  Do you find yourself occasionally wishing it was ThinLine Plus?

ThinLine Plus benefits both horses are riders by adding more ThinLine protection.

  •  Adding more protection on a particular day
  • Using the same saddle pad but modifying it for different horses
  • Extra lift (spine clearance for) your treeless saddle, or for sensitive backs

Start with your favorite shimmable Ultra ThinLine pad. Purchase the full-length shims for your saddle pad. This is the Booster Shim. Easily add them to your ThinLine pad, or remove them when you don’t need them. Now you’ve got the flexibility to switch between an Ultra Thinline and a ThinLine Plus ride.

Make two great pads out of your current Ultra ThinLine pad. 

ThinLine Booster Shim
ThinLine Booster Shim

The new ThinLine Full Booster Shim takes your already versatile, shimmable UltraThinLine Pad and bumps it up a notch to make it the most well-rounded pad in the tack room! Adding these 1/16″ shims to your 3/16″ Ultra ThinLine pad will create a total thickness of 1/4″, making it the same as our ThinLine Plus foam. Giving you the flexibility to switch back and forth between an Ultra ThinLine and a ThinLinePlus ride without changing your pad or saddle fit.


Made from the same revolutionary, open-cell foam as our saddle pads, the Full Booster Shim also provide the much-needed lift for treeless saddles and horses with back pain or Kissing Spine Disease. Designed by Master Saddle Fitters, the beveled edges of the shims allow for a smooth transition with no pressure points. This shim spans the full length of the Ultra ThinLine panels on your pad and once placed, will not shift. Boosts the protection factor but won’t affect saddle fit. Get the extra comfort that your horse needs and the freedom to choose the thickness you want.

From the instructor with multiple school horses to fit, the amateur rider competing in several disciplines, to the trainer starting their young horse, the Booster Shims will cover many needs and become the go-to gear in your tack box.

Top-ranked ThinLine Team riders have asked how they can add more overall cushioning to their favourite Ultra ThinLine pads.  Now we all can have the best of both ThinLine thicknesses with the ThinLine Plus Booster Shim!


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