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A Saddle Pad with Solutions for Swayback Horses

A Saddle Pad with Solutions for Swayback Horses Swayback can appear in horses to in a variety of degrees in horses, from a simple lack of topline to severe lordosis. Swayback is defined by the horses’ back dips in the center of the top line. It can be caused by poor saddle fit, improper training, […]

Ride without Knee Pain

stirrup wrap rider knee pain

Ride without Knee Pain by Dr. James Warson, The Rider’s Pain-Free Back 300,000 knee surgeries are performed in the US every year. A high percentage of healthy adults who receive new knees are runners and equestrians.  In equestrian sports, the knee experiences two types of stress: the stretch of the lateral ligaments and impact from riding […]

Riding’s Effect on the Back – Lynda Bloom Layne

Riding’s Effects on the Back Western Horseman,  – Article by Lynda Bloom Layne  Article Republished by ThinLine with permission from Western Horseman Back pain in horseback riders is nothing new, “it’s been a problem for at least 3,000 years,” say James Warson, M.D. The horseman and now-retired physician spent 20 years as a neurosurgeon and […]